novelty candy


Toxic Waste, Whirly Pop, Radz, Cotton Candy, Airheads, Laffy Taffy, Pez, Twizzler, Bazooka, Efrutti, Marvel, Star Wars, Hello Kitty, Disney, Astronaut Ice Cream, Warheads, Sour Sprays, Juicy Drop Pop, Surprise Eggs, Slush Puppie, Hubba Bubba, Glee Gum, Big League Chew, Harry Potter, My Little Pony, Spiderman, Pucker Powder, Project 7

  • The Candy Jar is your one-stop shop for all things sweet and fun for you and your family. From your favorite candy or chocolate to custom gift baskets and party favors, we want to see you smile. Planning a birthday party? We have the perfect space for you!

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